Clean Water

Rivers are the indicators of our health as a society. If our rivers are clean, we are ok. If they are polluted, we’re in trouble. The Minnesota River is one of the most polluted rivers in the nation, yet it also offers the most promise for restoration. Clean rivers will improve our health and economy and our children will thank us.

To clean up the river we need to prevent the following things from getting into it:

Soil: We need more living cover on the land. We need more buffer strips everywhere. We need to slow water down by metering the flow of water off the land.

Fertilizer: A lot of “nutrients” get into the river by attaching themselves to soil particles, so if we can do the things listed above to stop soil erosion, we can stop nutrient pollution as well.

Sewage: We all need to update our septic systems and keep manure out of the river.

Mercury: We need to stop relying on dirty coal fired power plants for our electricity.

CURE is a leading organization in the clean up the Minnesota River Movement. Please join us today in bringing about Clean Water in our lifetime!

Beaver Creek